“Evolución de una partida” /Evolution of a departure – Work in progress

“Evolution of a departure” is about fading of life, the weakness and the constant transformation of us as bodies of nature. This piece of work, as all of my artworks, is ephemeral. It develops and dies in a specific moment. As life.

The organic matrix is made of ten modules constituted by three layers: the first one of earth, the second one with quadrates of leaves in different process of oxidation and color, and the last one of biodegradable plastic. Each quadrate is an alive pixel of the organic screen. The sum of all of them, reproduces a pattern of the rot of a fruit, being the matrix, a magnified image of it.

It has different kind of sensors and electronic devices that control and speed up the natural process of disintegration of leaves, through the growth of bacteria, fungus, and microorganisms in the surface of each module. It will promote a new design in the matrix, as well as the return of the leaves as mineral substrate restarting the cycle of life again.

In the matrix, a moisture sensor is the first responsible for sending information to a system that humidify through hoses the different quadrates of leaves. The more moisture between them and the bioplastic, the more whitish the surface will be by the growth of the microorganisms.

Moreover, a fuel cells system controls the increase of organic matter through the quantity of energy it is possible to get from it. If the energy rises, we could realize that the descomposition process will be carrying out in a good way.



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